mPerf reimagines the performance review

Current workforce evaluation tools, such as interviews, cognitive assessments, and questionnaires, can be helpful in assessing job performance, but do not always accurately reflect how an individual is performing. In addition, these traditional tools can mean more paperwork, bias, and missing indicators of performance. Mobile sensors are already being successfully used to improve health and wellness. Can they also be used to monitor and improve our job performance?

Bringing together the best minds

The mPerf team includes some of the nation's leading researchers in work performance, interpersonal communications, stress, sensor design and signal processing, mobile sensing, mobile computing, machine learning, computational modeling, and mobile health.

Key Innovations of the mPerf Project

A prediction approach based on semantically meaningful, theoretically motivated, technically feasible intermediate markers ensures generalizability and interpretability.

Expected Impacts of the mPerf Project

Theoretically-grounded models and efficient software implementations will enable objective assessment of everyday job performance for employers worldwide.

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